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Step to step guide on
How Coursepedia for Business Works

Step 1

Create An Account

Your journey with us starts by creating an account that will be used to manage and assign courses to your employees. This account serves as the Super-Admin” as it can be used to assign a course or remove a course assigned to your employees. Furthermore, this account can be used to monitor overall progress of all your employees.

Step 2

Create A Group

The account created above  can be used to create a group. You can create as many groups as possible and assign courses to your employees in that group. Each group can take upto 10 employees using their email addresses. Creating groups for your account enables you to buy a single course and assign the same to many staff at a go. This does not only save your organization money, it also enhances progress monitoring for the course assigned to your employees.

Step 3

Buy Course for Group(s)

While you focus on your business, we will help you upskill or reskill your employees with new skills through training and development at an affordable price. You can buy course(s) for any of the existing group(s) or buy as individual.

Step 4

Employees Notified to Start Course

All employees assigned to a specific course will be notified via email as this will help them get their learning started at the same time, while you sit back to monitor their progress.


Benefits of Coursepedia for Business in Upskilling or Reskilling your Team.

Transform your Team and Workplace.

Take high-quality online courses from world top experts that will give your employees the proven edge they need to succeed.

Team Upskilling or Reskilling

Our courses are in-depth and well structured for easy learning. Each course has been designed to add additional skills to both small and large teams that want to get set up quickly and start learning in no time.

Course-Level Assessment

This is a process of systematically examining and refining the fit between the course activities and what learners should know at the end of each section of a course.

Sequential Delivery

Sequential delivery is when  course content or material are delivered over time – in a pre-scheduled manner to learners. This is done for ‘X’ days (hours, minutes) after course purchase. This is quite useful and will help in providing a proper flow of the course knowledge process.

Progress Monitoring

A major technique that boosts the learning process on Coursepedia is progress monitoring. This enables you to know the learning progress of your team at every stage. Regardless of the size of your team, you can know the real-time progress of each staff you added to a specific course.


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